2017-2018 “Office Hours”

My “office hours” carry on in 2018, with partners Artist Trust and the Jini Dellaccio Project. Every month I reserve two Wednesday afternoons for conversations with anyone who wants to sign up. I put the term “office hours” in quotes because it it makes them sound more formal than they are and they tend to last more than an hour. They’re more like coffee breaks, tea time, or happy hour.

Dates and times available.  I’m available any time listed listed but not marked “filled.” We usually meet in person, but I’ve also had great conversations with people in other parts of the country by phone.

1:30   June 13   FILLED
3:30   June 13   FILLED

SUMMER BREAK:  I’m taking a summer break with office hours, but  know I’ll be eager to get back to them in September.

If you want to sign up, just send an email <aafocke@gmail.com> noting which date/time you’d like, a phone number, and a quick note of what’s on your mind if you want. It would be helpful if you put “office hours” in the subject line. I’d love to talk with you!

How this got started.  The idea was based on memorable conversations I’ve had in the past few years with people who wanted advice or just wanted to talk. The conversations ultimately seemed to matter to both of us. This gave me the sense that someone with seven decades of life and work behind them might have experience that’s useful or interesting to someone else.

Artist Trust and I started this experiment last fall and it has given me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people I hadn’t known before and to spend time with old friends. It allows for the kind of focused time that feels luxurious but that we give ourselves so seldom. Each one takes its own course, and the form remains just as open-ended as it started.

Connecting.   We usually meet at Artist Trust, sometimes by phone. We often walk down the street to a nearby coffee shop, or we simply walk and talk . Sometimes I’ve gone to someone’s home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and I once participated in a class at Gage Academy of Art.

Come use me as a sounding board, pick my brain, catch up on our lives, or try out new ideas. Office hours are open to anyone.  Let’s talk!

These conversations are possible because of support from the Jini Dellaccio Project, a fiscally-sponsored project of Artist Trust.