Trying to do everything looks a bit like this . . .


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Trying to do everything often feels like this – all over the place, heading in many directions, and all at the same time right now!  It’s work for pay underway, little projects waiting their turn, new ideas to explore, archives to look through and learn from, conversations that matter, things half done so far, and almost all with other people. It can be hard to find the center.

Sometimes I get pulled one way . . .

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and sometimes I pull off in another.

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And sometimes I settle into just one and let the rest wait.

sinking into one thing 1

Most of the time, I love the ride.

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  1. dear Anne, wonderful to read your blog while here on Captiva… we’re all keeping a list of the desires that pull us, and we’re inspired by the work you all did at Rising Waters Confab. blog post to come soon on our own Captiva #climatemarch… and, I see that the poodles really ARE pulling a sled in Paris!

    1. What a treat to hear from you, Louise! And from Captiva, too. You’re right the poodles and the sled and the crew are indeed there in Paris! I just got an email from Edward Morris of the Canary Project, who was with us at the Rising Waters Confab, with more news of “The Arctic Is…” project. I’ll be putting that up soon too. Can’t wait to see your report on the Captiva #climatemarch.

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