Shivaji Competition – Islands, Deltas and Rising Seas

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As part of the second Rising Waters Confab at the Rauschenberg Residency, artist, arts planner, and organizer Glenn Weiss is organizing a competition of ideas for maintaining human life on the islands and deltas doomed by the minimum predicted sea level rise of one meter in the 21st century. As a participant in the first Confab, I’m including here excerpts from competition materials. More information, inspiration, and details for submitting can be found on the competition website, here. *

The great warrior king of 17th century India, Shivaji Maharaj, established the Maratha Empire against the dominant Mughals and held off the territorial ambitions of the Europeans. Part of his legacy is a group of island forts in the Arabian Sea with stonewalls ringing the edges against the sea and the Europeans. The Shivaji island forts are the starting metaphor and reality for the competition.

The competition asks artists, architects, designers, animators, planners, scientists and playwrights to propose the practical and the impossible to maintain the continued human habitation of these islands throughout the 21st century.


Each entry is to be submitted online as an animated GIF demonstrating a proposal for when the sea rises at least one meter. “Humor, drama, paradox, and factual reality in photographs, anime, renderings, and all other visual formats are acceptable. Clarity of idea and message is very important.” One of the finalists will be selected to attend the Rising Waters Confab II in its last week between May 19 – 26, 2016.

Submissions are due March 10, 2016.

The website provides lots of examples from around the world, including this one:

Richard Tipping's sculpture "Watermark" (2000) was not intended to be underwater in Brisbane, Australia. But water does rise.
Richard Tipping’s sculpture “Watermark” (2000) was not intended to be underwater in Brisbane, Australia. But water does rise.


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For information about the first Rising Waters Confab, click here.  Rising Waters also has its own website here, which includes both 2015 and 2016.


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